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Mijas Pueblo, Spain 2024 october 17-19

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EARLY BIRD €2 999 – invest in your health – valid until 230221.

It is an incredible opportunity to give your HEALTH full attention with daily martial arts training, daily treatments, mental training 2 times a day and special diet – for €2999.

We invite you to come with us to beautiful Mijas Pueblo in Spain for three days to strengthen your health through the life lessons of martial arts and unifying mental training. We want to take you to live in the place we fell in love with; beautiful MOUNTAIN by the sea outside Malaga. It is a wonderful place to let your body and soul be cared for, energized and balanced. MOUNTAIN is a training and health center with many years of knowledge and coaches in martial arts and higher energy. They have a food center that grows its own herbs and prepares its own balanced dishes. We feel it enhances the whole experience when the food becomes the medicine of life and the medicine is Mother Nature’s naturally grown herbs.

During one week, you will receive daily martial arts training and mental training with a deeper mapping on the first day. There you will receive information about the martial arts and its structure, as well as having your/your energies determined and any imbalances you may have. Based on that, your individual program for recovery is established.

The program includes COACHING 30 min (note: adapted to your unique needs). The COACHING becomes a recovery for the mind, body and soul, and renews the skin, strengthens your system to create long-term health.

In the morning and afternoon/evening we have martial arts and meditate together with a focus on strengthening and getting flow in our energy system. It is beautiful and inspiring to practice martial arts down on the long golden beach in the morning, as well as up in the height from the center at sunset.

It is a training camp of three days with rest, being, physical ACTIVITIES, nutritious diet, health consultation by a HEALTH COACH and conversations between us about creating routines to support one’s health at home. Of course, you also have the opportunity to have your own time for sunbathing, walking, swimming in the sea and pool. There is also the possibility of additional training during the day with the world champions.

In the evenings, we are treated to unique northern lights with magical works in the sky. It is voluntary to enjoy.

We also arrange a voluntary excursion, at cost price, to the VALLEY for those of you who are keen to reflect and find more harmony in your life.


Not Included

  • 2 nights – in a SINGLE GOLDEN room
  • There is the possibility of a DOUBLE room for an additional fee.
  • Daily awareness consultation with support in research
  • Daily FUN CALLS
  • Transfer from and to airport
  • ADAPTED diet
  • Free WATER
  • Lectures by world champion, martial arts and mental training
  • Yoga, meditation, relaxation on the MOUNTAIN morning and evening
  • The network with support in daily routines after returning home
  • Process program
  • Flight to and from Malaga, Spain (we support you so you can fly together)
  • Voluntary excursion to ISLAND (at cost price)
  • If you want to extend your trip, we are happy to help with places, destinations and hotels.


Jonas Fröjd
Creative Entertainment Officer C.E.O
Alisa M
Professional healer
Life Philosopher

Practical information

Beachhouse Villas, Mijas Pueblo
23.10.24  – 23.10.26
EARLY BIRD includes 3 coachmeetings tom 23.05.28 (valued €499)

€2 900/person in single room – ADDITIONAL €299/person in double room

Registration fee: €299 to guarantee your place. The fee is binding. This is due to strict booking and cancellation rules at the centre.

Last booking day september 1, 2023

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