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Mindkicker story
We, Jonas and Rebecka met in a context around the 17 global goals. We are driven by seeing others succeed and none of us like the power structure in the form of a hierarchy. At one point we ended up around the same coffee table in the A Sustainable Tomorrow network and we had the opportunity to talk about our dreams. Right then and there in 2017, none of us were in a situation where we wanted to create any goal together. But a curiosity was born, so for a year we regularly ate lunch in Helsingborg. Until one day, outside Scandic 2018. It was after a networking meeting with the city’s floorball club, that Jonas told us that he had resigned from his job. Yes, Rebecka says quite calmly. Are you and I going to play together then? Yes, Jonas replies just as calmly. That’s how it is.
Hold on to your dream and dare to go for it. Under a parasol on Jonas’ terrace in nature in the summer of 2018, we set the concept. The name comes up and is booked, even though Jonas said it had been taken, it was now available as a domain name. Rebecka expresses her fears quite clearly and Jonas about his. We realize that we can complement each other very well and where we are both weak others should be allowed to help us, that how we do in the pro athlete world. Today we know the answer. Think, we just told our dreams that we wrote down and now we are not only going to fulfill and fully live our own dreams, we are also going to help others achieve their success. Sustainable!
Train with a world champion, become more conscious in the decisions, train physically with the martial arts and also in a castle environment, could Mindkicker become a more exciting concept? Of course there is room for that. We never know what the world champion wants to contribute in his/her own time with the group and we never know what Jonas and Rebecka do based on the fact that each situation, participant and team is unique.
Mindkicker journey underway, Our worldclass collaborations are really what we see as valuable in many ways. But the most important thing on the Mindkicker journey is YOU. Not because you do what you do, but because you are with it and are who you are. Training and wanting to be a Mindkicker means not only that you want to make yourself better, you also want to make others and Mother Nature happier.
Your Warmest
//Jonas & Rebecka


  • ”3 days felt like 2 weeks at home at the castle” – media manager
  • ”There’s always a little more in the toothpaste tube” – CEO
  • ”Got more energy when I left the castle than when I checked in” – model
  • ”They created a safe environment through trust exercises” – hr mgr
  • ”Fantastic taste and smell experience at our castle dinner” – photographer
  • ”I realized that I had suppressed my own feelings” – businesswoman
  • ”I realized that I was at risk of being burned out” – Swedish champion
  • ”Inspiration by the world champions, was worldclass!” – business angel
  • ”Jona’s training was safe, inspiring and educational” – unit manager
  • ”The training made me harmonious, open to more curiosity” – thorax doctor
  • ”WOW WOW WOW, the mind kick must be experienced on the spot!” – brain tired
  • ”These 3 days have given me more than 1 year at home in bed” – brain tired
  • ”I NEVER thought I could handle ice bath in -12 degrees” – businessman
  • ”These 3 days have given me joy as my own championship” – World champion


  • Afraid to Safe
  • Sad to Happy
  • Unwanted to Wanted mode
  • Weak to Strong
  • Low Energy to High Energy
  • Unwanted self-esteem to Desired self-esteem
  • From stressed to harmony
  • Clearer Self-Image, Attitude
  • New knowledge and experiences
  • Poke holes in the chosen truth
  • Started meditating and reflecting more
  • Feel better, perform better
  • Dare to stop and listen to your heart
  • Have begun to question previously chosen truths


Jonas Fröjd


Valuable, Loving, Playful and Curious Exploratory
+46 (0) 72 – 967 70 70

Jonas is not only a survivor, but also a smart enjoyer of life who traveled around the world a few times. In 1990 he started with martial arts and today has a stable foundation to stand on through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and TaeKwonDo. Black belts need not be mentioned, humility is great and he knows that black belt means ”more to learn”. He has been training people since 2000 in social, mental, physical, emotional and ecological sustainability. The golden thread is his commitment, drive and his total presence in making people believe in themselves and grow as a person, i.e. personal growth. This always makes an impact, regardless of where he is in the world and what he does. Jonas’s lust, curiosity and creativity find outlet in business, what else is possible, where the world will become an even better place for humanity and the planet to live in love with play to the fullest.

Rebecka Gabrielsson


Valuable, Loving, Playful and Curious Exploratory
1972-10-01 – 2022-01-27
Rebecka has always had an aptitude for higher energies and loves the powerful influence of nature. She was driven by polarities and practices timing and contrast to get a movement to a more desired result. Basically, she worked as an elite sports coach. She has worked with world champion profiles in racing, tennis, floorball, golf, swimming, equestrian sports and strongman. With Linköpings FC, Rebecka won 2 Swedish golds and a quarter-final in the Champions League. Rebecka only worked with high-performing and highly sensitive individuals and organizations. Rebecka’s CV was broad and tall. Everything from the position of chairman in a municipal company to run her own world-class racing team. The golden thread for Rebecka was passion and compassion for the result. With this story, I want to honor Rebecka by continuing to shed light on this unique journey we started together.

the co-creators

Anna Liebel


Playful, Structured, Creative
Co-creator Mindkicker Iceland Edition since 2022

As a Mindshifter, I help male leaders get out of firefighter mode, become the proactive leaders they want to be, and enjoy the journey as they go. Mindshifting is the process of stirring the pot and moving your thought patterns into worlds you have not been in before. I am a Mindshifter helping global male leaders choose to live happily.

With a background in technology and project management, I know the struggle that many ambitious high performers go through and continuously spin their wheels. Mindshifting is the process of keeping ambition levels high while reducing stress and allowing you to enjoy life more.

Host of the Genius Leadership Podcast created to normalize conversations about the ups and downs of the roller coaster of leadership and entrepreneurship. My guests are some of the biggest leaders in a variety of industries, researchers and coaches. She is a rock in Iceland and is planning all around this magical country and island since 2022.

Tina Ikonomidou

Ledarskapsutvecklare – fokus hållbart arbetsliv

Valuable, Loving, Playful and Curious Exploratory
Co-creator Mindkicker Ice-hotel Jukkasjärvi Edition 2024

From double degree graduate, to organizational developer and manager in the HR industry for 15 years, and in 2016 founded and became a pioneer in corporate health with a focus on overall health. The mission was then as now to contribute to human sustainability. Nowadays, man is put in relation to nature and its ecosystem. Tina does it through nature-based development in connection with personal leadership and health.

For 20 years, Tina has been trusted to coach 1,000s of people and lead the process of 100s of groups. With her broad methodology portfolio, she has developed & trained both private individuals and employees in national & international companies in leadership, health and personal sustainability.

Tina is also a yoga and meditation teacher and has been part of introducing yoga and meditation in workplaces. Thus opened up curiosity about the impact of existential health in forums where that aspect is unspoken. She has led yoga and meditation workshops in groups, yoga retreats in Sweden and abroad since 2011.

Maximilian Tropé

Profound Simplicity

Business-driven psychology with roots in elite sport

With business-driven psychology, Maxi develops and strengthens you as an individual and your abilities to lead yourself in order to achieve extraordinary results for you and your business. Through personal development with a focus on the long term and human relationships, we contribute to creating trusting, confident and courageous leaders and specialists who develop long-term sustainable businesses thanks to physical, intellectual and emotional presence – sometimes also in combination with a ski touring in nature.

Robert Ungh


Valuable, Loving, Playful and Curious Exploratory
Robert has been cycling downhill and enduro since 2008 when he bought his first bike. Initially, he got involved in the development of Bygdsiljum’s bike park and, through his company Ä V N T Y R, he has also managed to guide groups around the terrain, so he is beginning to be an experienced cyclist and recognized cycling profile in the city. But cycling is not just about cycling, he explains. It’s just as much about the nature experiences and the community. He also is a mountain guide and collaborate together with Maxi and offer ski touring in worldclass.
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Did you know that 80% of your results depend on your mental strength? With Mindkicker you build your physical, emotional and mental strength, which is also measured digitally so that you make better decisions. As a Mindkicker, you believe in energy, wisdom and commitment and you believe in the higher purpose. You want to contribute to the world reaching the 17 global goals, because you know you can do smarter business and cooperate with Mother Nature, at the same time.