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REYKJAVIK, Iceland 2025, 22th-24th of January.

Embark on a year-long journey of self-discovery and growth with Mindkicker’s Iceland Edition, starting with an immersive 3-day kick-off retreat. Experience the transformative power of blending martial arts, mental training, and nature immersion, tailored to unleash your true potential.

Why Mindkicker Iceland?

Revolutionary Approach: Our program uniquely blends martial arts training, mental practices, outdoor adventures, and profound conversations, all curated to empower you and your team holistically.

Unmatched Location: Embrace the stunning Hotel Grimsborgir, nestled in the heart of Iceland’s Golden Circle. The picturesque landscapes are a perfect backdrop for the transformation.

Dynamic & Tailored: Embrace the unknown as we keep the full program a mystery. Trust the process, embrace growth, and watch yourself flourish. No generic plans here. Our flexible schedule adapts to your needs, ensuring each participant receives the maximum benefit from our mindshifting activities.

Time For Reflection: Traveling to Iceland and back home provides you with a perfect opportunity to press Pause on your day-to-day activities, reflect on your performance, and reboot your habits.

Accountability: Most retreats fail to change their participants’ habits truly. Mindkicker includes six follow-up sessions over one year, to keep you on track with your transformation.

    What’s in Store for You?

    Expert Guidance: Led by CEOs Jonas Fröjd and Anna Liebel, benefit from ancient wisdom and modern leadership techniques, merging martial arts and mental training to guide you on your path of self-discovery.

    Silent Hike & Nature’s Harmony: Reconnect with nature during a serene silent hike, culminating in a rejuvenating geothermal hot spring experience. Embrace the present moment and reflect on your achievements thus far.

    Mind, Body & Soul Renewal: Kickstart your transformation with a pre-retreat coaching call to strengthen your mind, invigorate your body, and nurture your soul for lasting health and well-being.

    Inspiring Growth Sessions: Forge a deeper connection with yourself as you explore feelings, vulnerability, and self-acceptance. Engage in meaningful conversations and develop sustainable routines to support your personal growth journey.

    Personal Health Tracking with Whoop: For two months, gain access to health tracking with Whoop, with our support in analyzing your health data and leveraging it in your transformation journey.

    Who is Mindkicker for? Ideal for you if you are seeking to unlock your full potential, navigate life’s crossroads, and reclaim your present with pride in your achievements.

    Who is Mindkicker NOT for? Not suitable for those unwilling to embrace vulnerability or share their true reasons for joining this journey. Mindkicker is an intimate, secure space where trust is sacred. It is not for those who believe they have all the answers.


    Onboarding: A 30-minute call before the retreat, laying the foundation for your success.

    Transportation: Group transfer from Reykjavik city center to Hotel Grimsborgir and back.

    Luxurious Stay: Full board and two nights in SINGLE Deluxe Room, ensuring ultimate comfort during your retreat.

    Guided Activities: All group experiences, with refreshments during activities and a professional guide for the hike.

    Health and habits tracking: Two months of Whoop membership, with the device included.

    Post-Retreat Support: Our alumni network provides ongoing support to sustain your and the team’s newfound energy and routines.

    Not Included

    Flight to and from Iceland

    Personal health insurance

    Outdoor clothing and shoes (spikes provided for the hike)

    Personal purchases during the retreat

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    Seize this opportunity to invigorate yourself for the future, for €5200 per person.

    Seize the opportunity to invest in your personal journey of growth and self-acceptance with Mindkicker Iceland Edition. Reserve your spot today and embark on a transformative adventure!


    Jonas Fröjd
    C.E.O – Creative Empowerment Officer
    Physical, Emotional and Mental trainer
    Ancient wisdom and western knowledge
    Anna Liebel
    Leadership and team development supporter
    Silent hiker

    Practical information

    Hotel Grimsborgir, Iceland
    2025, January 22th  – January 24th


    Registration fee: €780 to guarantee your place. The fee is binding and non-refundable. This is due to strict booking and cancellation rules at the hotel.

    Welcome to kickstart 2025 together with Jonas & Anna


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    Did you know that 80% of your results depend on your mental strength? With Mindkicker you build your physical, emotional and mental strength, which is also measured digitally so that you make better decisions. As a Mindkicker, you believe in energy, wisdom and commitment and you believe in the higher purpose. You want to contribute to the world reaching the 17 global goals, because you know you can do smarter business and cooperate with Mother Nature, at the same time.