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MINDKICKER – A BOOT CAMP for business people in a castle with digital measurement, mental training, emotional training, martial arts training & a true world champion for a sustainable humanity and the planet.

For the first time in world history, you can go to a training camp for the high performers in businesses in a real castle with digital stress measurement, analog mental training and physical martial arts training together with a real world champion. Absolutely perfect for you who are high performers and need to make more conscious decisions in greater harmony than today.

We train with intensity and purpose for three days in an exclusive castle environment at Engsholm Castle. During two of these days, you train not only for, but also with a true world champion. Responsible for the martial arts is the 2x black belt Jonas Fröjd and also nowadays for the mental training sessions (together with unique partners who complete me just as Rebecka completed me)

We base our research on success factors in mental training, self-image, goal image, attitude, emotions, commitment and reflection, as well as recovery. Jonas is based on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo together with the Eastern wisdom and philosophy that Jonas acquired in the silent monastery in Japan. Together with Linkura (we now also analyze Oura ring, Garmin, Samsung etc.) we measure your development digitally for your mental stress and physical stress, your exercise and your sleep and your recovery. Numbers that are then analyzed to make you more aware of how you can make better and more clear-headed decisions by listening to your heart.

We will accompany you home as well. You will take home simple and concrete tools that will help you maintain the feeling in your continued everyday life and you will also receive a follow-up call because we want to see that everything is fine with you and if we can do more.

If you register early by emailing Jonas, you will also receive an ”earlybird price”. The Castle becomes your personal ”home” and here you have close and exclusive contact with all the elements before and during your Mindkicker trip.

Do you see it in front of you? Three days with yourself and other Mindkickers in a unique and exclusive environment outside the noise of society. Email your interest and Jonas will contact you for further information.

Most warmest welcome

Jonas & Rebecca and partners

The Founders of Mindkicker

We look forward meeting you!

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Did you know that 80% of your results depend on your mental strength? With Mindkicker you build your physical, emotional and mental strength, which is also measured digitally so that you make better decisions. As a Mindkicker, you believe in energy, wisdom and commitment and you believe in the higher purpose. You want to contribute to the world reaching the 17 global goals, because you know you can do smarter business and cooperate with Mother Nature, at the same time.