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WHY Castle

The day Jonas and Rebecka created the MINDKICKER concept, Jonas thought they would be in Spain, Rebecka hoped for Italy.

The only thing they both knew was that it would be unique, harmonious, exciting and separate from all the noise of society. In their discussion, Rebecka asked what Jonas would think of being in a castle environment, Jonas said YES…of course!

That it became Engsholms Castle was no coincidence and coincidence is no coincidence, but it was on the hair that it became something Other. But when Ylva emails and asks to have Mindkicker at her castle, both Jonas and Rebecka felt that it is absolutely time to visit Engsholm Castle outside Södertälje.

Once we rolled slowly through the gate there was nothing but magic. The sea, the sauna, the bathing jetty, the attic, the library, the dining room. You just have to experience the environment for yourself. You stay 100 meters away from the castle, in rooms that have binoculars for a reason and the beds, yes you will even appreciate the duvet.

Why Engsholm Castle? There are common rooms for everyone here, no regular hotel reception and the bathrooms in the castle still have their bathtubs with GOLDEN feets. People have lived and living in this castle. Exactly that, is what we want all our guests to feel it. A home, a big home to be comfortable in. That’s why we have now created: Mindkicker – At Home in the Castle

Set the table with tray tables instead of conference tables, which gives a more open and pleasant feeling. Swap your shoes for slippers and for added comfort you may want a footstool. Feel at home. On the tables, some snacks and water/soda or a beer towards the afternoon.

A Castle that is home – or – At Home in the Castle – with a living room to mingle in, rooms furnished like a Dojo together with the absolute latest technology will give you a truly unique experience.

  • Located on Mörkö outside Södertälje
  • A castle without ghosts is not a real castle
  • Homemade, organic and locally produced food
  • Sustainability plan including green electricity
  • Svanen-labelled conference castle

Engsholms CASTLE

Read more about the castle on their website.

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