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Mindkickers world champions
The world champions who are part of the Mindkicker concept are not there just to have fun and get to know you. They are there because they believe that we need to practice something a little more. It can be anything from us getting a greater insight into their journey and where they stand today. It could be about us getting to share in their passion for what they believe in to help humanity and Mother Nature. For Mindkicker’s world champions, the 17 global goals are an indication of what we need to care about. Nobody explains what we have to do, it’s up to you and me.

Foto: Jakob Dahlström

Anna Laurell Nash

Most people know me as the boxer Anna, not as many know that I am also a doctor in Chemistry. Being a high achiever is my thing – isn’t it? In order to reach my goals at all costs, I exposed myself and my body for many years to such hard work that I became ill. Something that I didn’t accept at first but after a couple of rounds (healthy-relapse-healthy-relapse) made me change priorities in life and still be successful. During our time at the castle, I want to share my journey and how I think about success, self compassion and the importance of thinking about the big picture. I also want to know who you are without the results? How can you become successful over time? And why is it important to take care of yourself when you want to help others? Looking forward to see you!

Lars Frölander

The positive improvement I experienced when I changed my diet was about wanting to win. Then it gave me the opportunity to be the best in the world, today it’s about a lifestyle to be sustainable and live every day. I understood that my trip gave me a knowledge about nutrition and health that must be passed on, I will gladly do that to you during a training camp with Mindkicker. Because no matter what your goals are, it’s about realizing your own balance that affects your body and your mind. And even if you’re not interested in eating avocados every day, I promise you’ll feel inspired to make some better choices every day to reach your sustainability. Looking forward to seeing you in the dojo, it’s another reason why I’m in.


Started with arm wrestling at home in the barn aged 11.

Over the years, I’ve turned down more TV shows than I’ve appeared in, but I’ve been in Mästarnas Mästare. In 2018, however, I participated together with Björn in the documentary series Storuman Forever in 5 episodes on SVT. Working towards being fossil FREE by the year 2025 in a world based on a circular economy.

Likes ryzz training and responsible people who dare to live their lives according to their dreams and goals. To run and develop projects yourself with a focus on sustainability and equality! Analyzing and discussing life over a couple of cups of coffee. Looking forward to seeing you in the dojo, it’s another reason why I’m in. / Heidi


To be able to guide already talented people with my experience and knowledge is for me a privilege, and to be able to do this in a context where deep values, sustainability and a healthy path forward play a role is the answer to why I chose to collaborate with Mindkicker . / Christina


To be able to inspire brave people with my experience and competence from swimming is for me a privilege, and to be able to do this in a context where deep values for gender equality, diversity, sustainability and a safe path forward is the answer why I choose to collaborate with Mindkicker.

/ Emma

There are more of us world champions every day

Anna Laurell Nash (boxning) – Lars Frölander (swimming) – Kenny Jönsson (icehockey) – Christina Bengtsson (precision shooting) – Mats Nilsson (submission wrestling) – Heidi Andersson (arm wrestling) – Björn Ferry (biathlon) – Annelie Pompe (freediving) – Emma Igelström (swimming) – Adam Holm (windsurfing) – Lisa Nordén (triathlon) – Marita Skogum (orienteering) – Marie-Helene ”Billan” Östlundborn Westin (cross country skiing) – Erik Östlund (cross country skiing) – Pepi Anevski (sushi) – Tina Thörner (rally) –

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Did you know that 80% of your results depend on your mental strength? With Mindkicker you build your physical, emotional and mental strength, which is also measured digitally so that you make better decisions. As a Mindkicker, you believe in energy, wisdom and commitment and you believe in the higher purpose. You want to contribute to the world reaching the 17 global goals, because you know you can do smarter business and cooperate with Mother Nature, at the same time.