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Elevate Your Leadership Skills

Welcome to Mindkicker

Discover a revolutionary approach to leadership development that combines digital measurement with real-world, analog training led by world champions.

Digital Measurement

Utilize cutting-edge technology to track and enhance your mental strength and decision-making capabilities.

Analog Training

Engage in physical, emotional, and mental training with world champions in martial arts and leadership.

Unique Environments

Train in extraordinary settings from historic castles to serene natural landscapes, designed to inspire and challenge you.

The Founders' Journey

Jonas and Rebecka, the visionary founders of Mindkicker, embarked on their transformative journey with a shared passion for personal growth and a commitment to contributing towards global sustainability goals. Their collaboration began serendipitously at a networking event focused on global sustainability, where they discovered their mutual disdain for hierarchical power structures and a common dream of empowering others. This encounter sparked a year of ideation and partnership, culminating in the creation of Mindkicker under a summer parasol in 2018. Their story is not just about building a business but about creating a movement that encourages individuals to harness their mental, emotional, and physical strengths to make smarter, more sustainable decisions in harmony with nature.

Our Philosophy

What Our Participants Say

’Joining the Mindkicker program was a game-changer for my personal and professional life. The unique blend of mental and physical challenges pushed me to new heights.’

Emma Svensson, Entrepreneur

’The serene setting and expert coaching on mindfulness and resilience have left a lasting impact on my approach to leadership.’

Lars Johansson, Corporate Executive

’I never knew how powerful a calm mind could be until I attended the Mindkicker retreat. It’s truly transformative.’

Sofia Karlsson, Marketing Director

Transformative Benefits of Mindkicker

From Fear to Security
Discover how Mindkicker helps you transition from a state of fear to a newfound sense of security through targeted mental and emotional training.
Elevated Energy Levels
Experience a surge in vitality as our program boosts your energy through physical activities and mental exercises designed to invigorate your spirit.
Enhanced Self-Confidence
Build robust self-confidence with our comprehensive training that empowers you to trust in your abilities and make decisive, bold life choices.
Holistic Well-being

Engage in a journey of holistic well-being where physical, emotional, and mental strengths are developed in harmony for a balanced life.

Meet Our Founder

Jonas Fröjd

Founder & World Champion

Jonas Fröjd, the visionary behind Mindkicker, is not only a world champion in martial arts but also a seasoned expert in mental, physical, and emotional sustainability. His journey through various disciplines has equipped him with unique insights into personal and professional growth, making him a pivotal figure in the realm of sustainable leadership training.

Rebecka Gabrielsson

Co-founder & Sustainability Advocate

Co-founder of Mindkicker, brings a wealth of knowledge in sustainability and business innovation. Her passion for the global goals and her strategic mindset have been instrumental in shaping the holistic approach of Mindkicker’s training programs.

Lars Frölander

Head of Nutrition and Wellness

Lars Frölander, an Olympic swimmer turned wellness coach, focuses on nutrition and sustainable health practices at Mindkicker. His expertise helps participants optimize their physical and mental well-being through tailored dietary strategies.

Heidi Andersson

Lead Motivational Trainer

World arm wrestling champion Heidi Andersson energizes Mindkicker’s team with her dynamic approach to personal motivation and resilience. Her workshops are designed to empower individuals to push their limits while maintaining a balance with nature.

Christina Bengtsson

Precision Performance Coach

Christina Bengtsson, world champion in precision shooting, applies her focus and precision to Mindkicker’s mental training techniques. Her sessions help participants achieve clarity and accuracy in both their personal and professional lives.

Emma Igelström

Emotional Strength Trainer

Former world-class swimmer Emma Igelström is dedicated to enhancing emotional strength at Mindkicker. Her approach integrates sports psychology with emotional training to foster resilience and self-awareness among participants.

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Unlock Your Potential with Mindkicker

Embark on a transformative 365-day journey with Mindkicker, where you get the exclusive chance to train alongside a world champion. This unique opportunity will revolutionize your approach to leadership and personal growth.