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At Mindkicker, we blend the ancient wisdom of martial arts with cutting-edge digital and analog training techniques to forge leaders who are not only skilled but also deeply aware and emotionally resilient. Our unique program aligns with the 17 global goals, ensuring that every step you take on your leadership journey contributes to a larger, global vision.

Founders' Journey

Jonas and Rebecka, the visionary founders of Mindkicker, first crossed paths at a networking event centered around the 17 global goals. Their initial casual conversations over coffee and shared lunches in Helsingborg blossomed into a formidable partnership. By 2018, under the shade of Jonas’s porch, they conceptualized Mindkicker. This was not just a business venture but a shared dream to harness their collective energies towards empowering individuals and making a significant impact on the world. Their vision for Mindkicker is to build a platform where physical, emotional, and mental strength is cultivated and measured, helping individuals make smarter decisions and live more harmoniously with nature, thus contributing to the global goals they are so passionate about.

What Our Participants Say

The three days at Mindkicker were transformative. I left with more energy than I arrived, feeling ready to tackle my professional challenges with newfound vigor.
Vanessa Dahl, Media Executive
Mindkicker’s unique approach to mental and physical training has profoundly impacted my leadership style. It’s about more than just business; it’s about personal growth and sustainability.
Erik Lundqvist, CEO
Never have I felt so supported and challenged at the same time. Mindkicker helped me realize the importance of self-care in achieving professional success.
Mia Svensson, HR Manager

Transformative Features of Mindkicker


From Fear to Security

Experience a profound shift from fear to a sense of security, enhancing your confidence and stability in both personal and professional life.


From Low Energy to High Energy

Boost your vitality with our program, designed to elevate your energy levels through targeted physical and mental exercises.


From Stress to Harmony

Learn to transform stress into harmony with techniques that promote peace and mental clarity, fostering a balanced lifestyle.


From Uncertainty to Clarity

Gain clear insights into your personal and professional challenges, enabling better decision-making and focused goals.


From Isolation to Connection

Bridge the gap between isolation and connection, enhancing your communication skills and expanding your network.


From Doubt to Confidence

Overcome self-doubt with our empowering sessions that build your self-esteem and equip you with the tools to succeed.

Meet Our Champions

At Mindkicker, we are proud to introduce you to our team of world champions, each a master in their respective fields of martial arts, health, and sustainability. These exceptional individuals bring unparalleled expertise and passion to our program, helping participants achieve their personal and professional best.

Anna Laurell Nash

Anna Laurell Nash

Boxing World Champion & PhD in Chemistry

Lars Frölander

Lars Frölander

Olympic Swimming Champion & Nutrition Expert

Heidi Andersson

Heidi Andersson

World Arm Wrestling Champion & Sustainability Advocate

Christina Bengtsson

Christina Bengtsson

World Precision Shooting Champion & Mindfulness Coach

Professional Journey of Jonas Fröjd

2019 – Present

Founder & Lead Trainer


Jonas Fröjd spearheads Mindkicker, a pioneering platform combining martial arts, mental training, and sustainability to empower individuals and organizations. Under his leadership, Mindkicker has become a beacon for personal growth and corporate wellness, integrating digital metrics with physical and emotional training.

2015 – 2019

Senior Martial Arts Instructor

Global Martial Arts Academy

At this prestigious academy, Jonas developed and led training programs in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo, focusing on the mental and physical development of students. His programs were renowned for enhancing discipline, resilience, and performance under pressure.

2010 – 2015

Mental Resilience Coach


Jonas provided specialized mental resilience training to athletes and corporate teams, helping them to improve their emotional intelligence, stress management, and decision-making skills through tailored workshops and sessions.

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